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Reporting Cybercrime

Below are two ways of reporting Cybercrime in South Arica.

The Cybersecurity Hub

The Cybersecurity Hub can be contacted through its website, www.cybersecurityhub.co.za. The Cybersecurity Hub is South Africa’s National Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) and strives to make Cyberspace an environment where all residents of South Africa can safely communicate, socialise, and transact in confidence.

Please click here to report a cybersecurity incident via The Cybersecurity Hub:


The link below describes the Cybersecurity Hub’s Incident Management Process:



OnTRAC is the central point of contact for information about Internet Safety and Cybercrime in South Africa. OnTRAC provides a secure platform for reporting illegal activities and obtaining advice on how to identify and deal with the rising online threats that place us all at risk (such as harassment, fraud/scams, hacking and other cyber attacks).

Please click here to report a cybersecurity incident via OnTRAC: